C45ACA44-7660-47EE-8E90-88856F26F1D7L0001Burdon the young man gasping, hushing and dying near to the door of hell. He strengthened his legs with divine power. He was unable to feel the blushing of wind, murmuring of birds and the sight of beauty. He was completely numbed.

He is lost in shadow

Body feels pain; born from depth

Heart burnt with intense intangible flame

As the scarlet rose ready to blossom.

Now, he doesn’t want to feel

The essence of life, glowing of light

He doesn’t want to know

The world of lie, lying in tie

He has become darker than darkness

Don’t be afraid, you loons!

He will burst into light

Very intense to glow the universe


Slowly and gradually with the pace of drift, he was grazing toward the place where he was originated. He opened the door seemingly vacant and completely void, but the man of glimpse was sitting in the chair at the corner of the room staring at the entrance. He might have been waiting for someone, it seemed to be so.


“You are alive. What the hellistic trick! You thought it would be.” Burdon shouted.


The man was quiet and still as the ocean. The sound of Burdon was echoing throughout the room for a long time as the horn bell.


“Burdon, come near to me and keep your wilderness to calm.”

“You are the tiny part of wisdom but very brave to think of killing me.” Ramey replied.

“I am in your mind, heart, and at your site for the very instant. Your grazing might have compiled with agony, dear!” he continued.


“You are the fucking filthy man.” Burdon growled. Burdon couldn’t control his anger and jumped into the table lying between them grabbed Ramey’s neck and tried to kill Ramey but Burdon choked and fell to the floor.


“Calm down! My boy, calm down!” Ramey politely spoke with Burdon. “This all thing was just my riddle.” “You look very frustrating, devastating, exhausting and suffocating.” “Breathe at your ease boy! Breathe at your ease!”


“I reminisce the day when my life in the hell was started. You the man being synonyms of wisdom and the man with greatness confined me into the deep dungeon, even the murmuring of birds don’t reach, even the essence of rose ignores to spread.” “The life has become intangible. The skin dried up, eyes blinded, nostrils closed. Look upon my merciful face, the draught in my smile, no tears remained to flow.” “You are the man who made my life like hell.” Burdon started to weep. But his eyes were not allowing the tears to flow. He seemed to be the small baby, just born.


He was the boy encountering the life of pain, the pain is hidden deep in the body even the heart failed to feel and senses felt to sense. The pain was in him but just now he was becoming the friend with it indeed.


“The struggle of one started with his birth. All of us are the gambler of our life, gambling with others in our own risk. Some termed it as the life, some adventure but I named it as the virtue of destiny toward intelligence.” Ramey explained.


Burdon was still shivering his whole body was not encountering the sense of the man he was like being sensed with the soul of the man. He wasn’t getting the thorough word of man which could be his starting of glimpse of light.


“I am thirsty. My heart is burning. My soul is suffering. I need water to drink and make me to feel.” Burdon shivered.


“Look, there is water in the mug in front of you. Serve yourself, dear!” Ramey offered.


Burdon hands hastily poured the water into the glass and drink three full of it in swift.


“Do you feel anything now?” Ramey spoke.


“My boy, I am sorry for the deed to be done at the instant. But there lies the greatest reason behind each reign of life. What would you say?” Ramey confessed.


The light of the room was gradually brightening; the splash of sight was bit by bit clearing. The noise was hitched toward music. The purity was slowly elevating. The intangible senses the young Burdon beholding was shining toward destiny. The complete sight of wave was surrounding the whole scenario for the fleeting of the soul and meaning of the young boy Burdon.


The despairing and desperate moment of the Burdon life was near to the edge of darkness and light as the candle separates its bottom with its shadow. The shadow that compiles him for long had been hunting him even the brightest shine of the sun and the clearest glimpse of sight. Burdon had not a single desire to end those all as he was hallucinated and tormented by the darkest power and hope of gloom and shadow of the fire and lump black dusk.


“You were my faith, my love, and my destiny. But now the every part of mind had changed and everything seems to be just the sand in the windstorm.” Burdon was weeping continuously.


Ramey looked toward Burdon and smirk at him for a while. It seemed he was looking the change that had brought by the sound and awful time of his life. He was so surely thinking that this young boy had long to go far beyond good and evil, right and wrong, faith and believe.


“Oh! My boy the faith and believe has put you in the dungeon for so long and now you are the beast ready to launch in the fire and thundering and the water of meaning and truth.” Ramey was smiling. “The happiness, the joy, the pleasure can be found even in inn of the darkness but you must remember to turn the light on, the inner light from the soul.”


“The faith and believe you are talking about thoroughly are just the words of lunatic senses that give the illusion and hallucinated vision of sanity. You are more than believe and faith, boy. You are the truth and hope of truth. Oh! My dearest boy, you are the gate keeper of the forbidden kingdom of your soul lying underneath you heart, body and mind. Don’t feel despair you are going to rise like the sun in the beautiful dawn after the darkest night with heavy rainfall and the heart threatening thunder.” Ramey tried to council Burdon.


“The dungeon is dungeon, the sorrow is sorrow, the hatred is hatred, the pain is pain, and how could you let me into such the horrible dark forest for so long. The quietness, the solitude, the utter wind without the air and blowing had surrounded for me for long and the mind has become dumb, the body has become numbed and I am just feeling to be the stone, just pretending to breathe.” Burdon had not stopped crying till.


The whole room was again become quiet and still. Both of them were looking toward each other. Burdon eyes tried to tears but the calm eyes of Ramey had stopped it for doing so.


Soul suffer terror with horror

Unwillingly, unknowingly

Followed by each narrow

Hearth of beauty

Destroyed and vanished

Lone survivor of dungeon

Solely forgetting the sanity

Intangible rhythm of singularity

Very hard to summon

But the illusion of delusion

And the delusion of illusion

Hatch the reality

So powerless, senseless and thoughtless

Buffering of suffering

Solitude due volition

Heart wants love

Mind wants rational

Desperate in life

Death is one, all to be loved.


The depth was still torturing Burdon. The scenic beauty had long gone far from his sight. He was just the man in depth and the boy in surface. He was not making any senses through the whole vision of no mindedness.


“The word faith, love, fear, tear, compassion are very beautiful to listen, very easy to know but your whole life suffers vanity to understand.” Ramey continued again after long silence. “Don’t lost in vain, my boy, vanity drags you to madness faster than insanity.”


“But you have already dragged me toward madness, the madness of insanity, the madness through suffering, the madness through terror and the madness of hatred.” Burdon growled.

“Why you have done so terrible crime to me?”


“To keep you safe, strong and prepare you for the battle you are about to know: The battle between singularity and duality, the battle between you and real you, the battle between truth and illusion and the most the war between sanity and insanity.”  Ramey stood up from the chair and spoke aloud as the thunder at the windstorm of desert.


“But why do I have to battle and war?” Burdon sobbed.


“You are doing something that keeps you as slave. Oh! My boy, look at me, don’t cry.” Ramey spoke gently. “Rise yourself with the triumph of victory and grasp the way toward reality and truth!”


“Listen carefully. The faith, hope and believe are the strong pillars of enslavement, the very ancient one” Ramey explained. “These ideas were the key of the one to the virtue through the people fears and complete his thirst for the manifestation of power. Life is not about power, it’s about something very important, the freedom, and the utter freedom which can only be possible the true truth.”


“Don’t believe in believe, put faith on faith and have hope on hope.”

“Believe is one for control, hope for hypnotize, and faith for your imprisonment.” Ramey continued.


“It burns. It burns me from the innermost part. Why do you lay, more misfortune on an already disturbed mind? Can you not see? I am worried by your grumbling and hawkishness.” Burdon confessed. “These words are the key for the well-being. Faith creates the beauty in all, hope drives impossible to possible and believe has power to win the god.”


“The whole tales of reality are just the manifestation of illusion and the perception of human sense. How could you be so sure to believe only to your senses and forget the idea that there lies more hidden that we can’t sense at all.” Ramey explained.

“The perception of observation gives you the sight of reality. How could it be so certainty that leads you to think they are the truth and reality? Are you fooling yourself?” He spoke with great anger.


“How can I am sure then, your perception is right at all? Your judgmental course also might be your illusion.” Burdon questioned.

“People, all of us judge in every moment; they also feared to be judged. Their heart, thus drive toward numbness, minds drop to lunatic, and the whole destiny settled in dilemma.” Ramey confined. “Just try to say fuck you to the world in every moment of life. Drive your whole sight into your own reality and your own truth and you are that one. Clear the dogma exists in the world to your meaning and understands you beyond your senses.”


“Knowledge is power. The phrase I am almost all in my life hearing. Now your emphasis on understanding completely riddles me.” Burdon confessed his confusion.


“Listen! Very carefully! My boy! The knowledge constructs the knowing attitude in your mind but understanding decodes the pure and deep sight, even the insensible and nocturnal one.” Ramey spoke. “You sense through skin, see through your eyes, feel through the heart thus you allowed the outer world to make your perception as it wants. But you must feel, observe, sense and dive with soul.” He emphasized.


“Waved path of life

Very hard to carry on

Chaotic motion of scenario

Marginally easy to capture

Be careful, you loons, be careful

Death is starring through the corner.” Ramey chuckled.


“Do you fear with death?” Ramey questioned.


“Yes, of course. I am terribly forgotten about my life as I am afraid with death.” Burdon answered. “I don’t want to end and forget my existence.”


“Death, the beauty of end

Love of new start

Chaos to be calm again

Beating to be seized

And new morning to rise” Ramey narrated.


“Have you felt, the tears of fear and sorrow of growl? They are very innocent, very beautiful and very mean way of life, my boy! I cried, laughed, walked, talked,, felt horrified, feared about my death, and I have been through the dungeon of life what all this sort could provide at all. I was alike you but suddenly the glimpse came to me and give me the strength to overcome myself and hitched me in this way of ecstasy.”  Ramey spoke.


“I know the difficulties to tears apart the paradox of reality and seize toward the peculiar reality.”


“You might be thinking me as the old foolish human living in this delightful world describing each event on my own vague perception. But I think the whole world like the madman observing the world through other eyes and perception and wasting the utter essence of owns life. Any of them perceive any reality as nature and all this so-called non-being and breathless creatures don’t judge and observe with perception. It has own-ness, the true nature of own-being and occurs as it guides as its own law. There is not the single word and thought about judgment in them.” Ramey continued.


“How could be there the god in godlessness? How could the remains of his dogmatic principle be true unless he is truth?” Ramey couldn’t stop his flow of words.


“It means all we are being chained with the invisible chain; drive our mind to make us to think as they want us to be. It is like the game, the long stranded virtual game and seems like the reality and put us in the illusion of truth. We are the game and they are the player; we are the beauty and they are the enjoyer but we are absolutely unaware of the idea we are the only reality for each of us.” Burdon admitted his thoughts.

“Lot stories of battle, war, singularity, and the duality has been inspired me until now to hold there is something hidden beneath us, entirely lying under our own neglecting. There is no bad, no wrong, no hatred and none of the darkness exists; it was just our own manifestation toward the life, the word lies to us, the heart and mind lied to us. I am not the man who I was. I am something else like the shining sun has no dark spot in depth. I have my surface covered with agony but depth only understands about jubilation.” Burdon illuminated.


“You are the wings of your soul. You are the pleasure. You are the sky after cloud vanished. You are the wild beast at all. After all you find yourself, my boy!” Ramey smiled.


The time took too long but the way had found at last. The wind was still quiet at the moment but the blowing of breathing was silencing like the thunder after rainfall. Suddenly the sight of Ramey in Burdon’s vision fainted gradually. The scene had made him so confused. He felt horrified with the silencing of air and rejoice of the life within him.

“Where are you? My heart is fleeting and soul is dancing. May the liberation on the way towards me! Come closer and observe me, I am alike you now.” Burdon shouted with excitation and pleasure.


“Shh! Keep quiet. Don’t disturb the silence. I don’t have much time. Listen! Carefully and silently.” The voices without any vision of Ramey spoke with Burdon.


“Along the clouded road

The birds of spring ask.

“Who are you?”

“I am the traveller in the earth alike you.” I replied.

Bizarrely, she trusted me.

Rejoice, laugh, and sing with me.

“Who are you?” It asked me again.

“No one in front of you

Your beauty of rejoice

Your nourish of laughing

Your song of ecstasy

I am just no one.” I spoke truly.

“The paradox born due to paradox

You are no one due to me

I am no one due to you

The sorrow in your breathe

The falsity of you joy

The illusion kept you in knowingness.

Rotten my sense and whole sight

The place I dwell and live.” It wept.

“Long trail of life

I have travelled

Smells the rotten, feels the beauty

Touch the soft, bear the hard

But unable to get the way of freedom.” I queried.

“Far beyond this awful prison

I have seen the way

Toward destiny and ecstasy

Map and hush toward it.

But the path is hard

Raindrop suffers you

Winter fall frosts you

Summer sun heats you

But the spring always awaits you

Take my wing, feel

The intangible sense of fleeting

Fly and fly above the horizon.” It replied.

I started flying over and over the horizon

The bright sky, the vision

Grow dimmer and dimmer

The heart beats slower and slower.”

The invisible Ramey’s voice echoed in all corner of the room.


The Ramey was quiet and not visible for long. The Burdon seemed to be awaiting him but Burdon couldn’t sense the presence of Ramey. Burdon slowly stood up and started searching him in all corner of the room. He looked up and down, right and left. But he couldn’t find Ramey anywhere. Suddenly while he was walking toward the chair he fell down and seen the Ramey lying on the floor. He was entirely senseless. He was like the dead one. The fire has turned into ashes turning shadow into light. Burdon put Ramey in his lap and sense Ramey through the soul. Burdon again started weeping and crying, growling and whispering. Burdon again become the madman and sanity had burned into vanity.


Suddenly Burdon sensed something in his hand, he looked at it. It was the pistol full loaded but single bullet has been missing. He searched it but the fortune, believe, hope and the faith again lost their values the forehead of Ramey was shoot and his body was still be charming like the baby just born. It seemed Ramey had died just an hour before.


“Oh! Me, my life! What have I done? I have killed him.”

“Oh! My father of old and new life, how could I do this to you?” he cried and let tears to flow like the violent river.

“My senses are fading

My heart is glooming

My lips are drying

And the darkness covering

My eyes toward closing

As it seems my soul; ending

Oh! The father of my old and new life

The splendid face you possessed

Gloomed and dried due to me.

I am the criminal and the judge.

I will end and surrender myself

To the delightful dawn of the midst spring

I am on my way, my father

I am on my way.”

He wept and wept until the ocean become salty.




Who should I be? What should I want to be? What am me? What am not me? The entire quest hidden somewhere in my mind make me feel something called the dangerous being in the sense of people hallucinated by the mind. The quest and search for the happiness are long gone too far that the heart is numbed to the soulless urge of lost beauty. The deep voices from the innermost part of the body urge me to be something I don’t know, I just feel it through the senses intangible from the senses made through the influence and poison of the judgmental society and course of life.


Everyone judge but feared to be judged. The paradox of reality grasps through word riddles me as the deep blue ocean riddles the ship. What is this everything? I see. I feel to exist. Does it exist as I see? Is it the reality in all sense?


The life is impermanent I know, know well. Everything I see, I feel, I sense, I touch is impermanent as I am. But the deep voices tell me there is something that is eternal up to eternity, the nothing or the void or the non-being one. What it would be if your heart ceased to pump?  What it would be if you stop breathing? What it would if this all is the dream within the dream? What it would be if we are in long sleep and when wake up then finds our-self in front of something strange we never realized and thought to be non-being? The riddle would be more intense and drive you toward madness to the so-called sanity.


Sanity? The people believe as they are. The hypercritical society gradually poisons our selfness to be the one after the awakening of long sleep and laid us into the deep insanity with the illusion of sanity. The way we behave, the way we feel, the way we love, the way we think, the way we suffer and avoid the beauty of being self-will reckon the truth of illusion of sanity.


Think with a deep breath and realize. Do you feel as I feel? Do you see as I see? Do you sense as I sense?





The day was the day of the void, the sun was tired to shine but the cloud had completely blocked the path of the sun’s ray. I was some kind of thoughtful of the whole mess covering my life to be optimistic. I had entirely allowed the pain, sorrow, and agony to inter in my heart as I wanted to feel it and get the pleasure of pain. The murmuring of wind was blowing my face but my ears fully neglected the essence of wind. The calm music of the birds was not the part of my life but I was so hungry to hear the music of nature and the pure spirit. “Oh! I should go for the walk to be free from the life behind this curtain. I have to feel the walking and dwelling with the ecstatic being of nature.” I thought myself.

I was the kind of ignored character in the fairy-tale of nature. The beauty that holds the nature has never been entered into my soul to bless myself. The part of being me is hidden deep inside the hallucination of the created consciousness. My soul wants the real freedom from myself. It wants to dwell with its pure being, without mind without heart without life but the so-called consciousness I built under the supervision of the world has just stuck the way of my soul.

“What am I calling this soul as mine? How could this free soul be mine? He is my prisoner and I have never allowed it to see the world. I have just put it into the dungeon of mind.” I cried to myself.

The path seems to be known but the walk I am walking is pretty weird. I asked myself “why I am behaving like the madman in the centre of the city?” The enormous pain without any reason, the endless rope of discontinuity without any starting, the faithless god I believe in, the worthless feeling I felt without any issues of discourage. “What is the earth doing to me?” I blamed earth like small child blame innocently to her mother.

The minute, minute inches I take in the way receipts me to the unknown destiny. The life is just the question and we are born to answer it, sometime my mind think of this but I now can’t believe my mind it just makes my heartburn with it’s thought of agony.

The creeping and sound of depth agony come from the nearby draw my attention.

“Oh! It must be my depth” I think and I ignored it. But it continues to flow me so I stop for a while and watch around that place.

The young man absolutely drowns in his own blood has been ripping his skin from his body. The enormous painful words of suffering have stopped me in the way, I finally noticed. The horrible scenario I have bumped into on the edge of the day made my heart to feel the very intangible sense of numbness. The keenness of my mind starts troubling my whole sense of being.

I senselessly got near to him. He was the young boy of near 22 to 23 years. I becalm him in the middle of his endeavour. He was crying as if he was crying due to the deep pain but his tears flowing through the nook of his eyes narrating me the unworthiness of the pain his body felt. He might not cry for the pain, maybe his eyes were so violent and heart calm, I sensed a little.

“Why are you doing this to your body?” I inquire him.

He still remains calm. Not a single word is liberated through his tongue.

“Please, I urge to know the reason behind this!” I insist.

“The world is not fair enough.

The shroud is not white enough.

The water is not pure enough.

The thirst is not weak enough.

The life is not beautiful enough.” He reacts.

“You might be the greatest poet who hides with the words he speaks and riddles. Please clear everything to me.” I wish.

“Do you have eyes? Do you have ears? Do you have all senses?” he examines me.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Don’t you see the urge of the soul?

To show its beauty

Don’t you hear the voice?

Wordless, thoughtless and emotionless

Don’t you sense the presence?

The dark light and light dark

Don’t you feel the pain?

Deep inside the body crawling to be

The wound that doesn’t heal.” he responded ridiculously again.

“You are confusing me with your words. Even a single word doesn’t make any sense to me.” I said.

“The law you see holds

The love you think exists

The light you feel shines

The darkness you are afraid

Confuses you, not me” He replied.

“I am the man of different feeling within me. I am sick of the pain, which filled my life with agony and burning. So, from the beginning, I want to see its origination. Thus, I am just taking the layers off from my body to see the part of pain stimulator. The deep pain has always been resting on my body. I want to find the place where the pain is?” he replied.

“Is this the way to find the place inside the body?” I open my riddle to him.

“You don’t get my point through my words. Are you really a human or just called yourself as human?” he asked mischievously.

“Have you seen the snake changes his outer skin every season?” he asked again.

“I know it does. But I never have seen it do so.” I replied.

“Oh! I am hidden in the bushes to shadow myself from the world but you see me, you hear me, you sense me and feel me. May I ask you the question?” he asked.

“Yes sure,” I replied.

“Do you feel the intangible pain inside you without any reason? Do you feel to be hidden inside the curtain? Do you sense yourself as the shadow of something?” he asked.

O my god, son of the bitch! He just exposed my feeling, sense, thoughts. “Yes. How do you know?” I asked.

“I am here, inside the bushes hid behind it to make sure I am real snake trying to reap my skin and find depth but not like the way the snake does. The whole city is busy; only you, who find me in this secret, place. You must be like me I think.” He explained. “I might be your future too.”

“But doesn’t it pain intensely cutting your own body. The eyes are full of tears but the pain isn’t surely shown in the face. The body is bathed in your own blood; no water exists to clean it. Why there is no pain seen in you with this horror deed done to yourself?” I asked.

“See yourself, I have intense pain inside me but don’t know the origin. Maybe the soul is started to be the pain and want to be liberated and free. The heart has ceased to be the master of me and soul tries itself to be and my mind doesn’t allow it. So the soul has shown me the path of pain. How could I feel this little pain if my depth is terribly hurt? How could I sense outside if my inner is blind? How could I hear the nature if I am deeply deaf?” he just continues to questioning.

“I have the heart

Burning in the grief

Flaming with the brief

Millions of reasons of the life

Turns into the ashes

Nothing remains within

Just the guilt and doubt

Have I ever wondered?

Who really I am?

Have I ever asked?

Why I exist?

Never found the word

Council my heart

Never found the shore

Lay within me.

Oh! The ghosts of deities,

Give me the strength

Oh! The words of the poet

Gift me the dream.

Have I ever afraid?

Death is near,

Have I ever envy?

The word of truth”

He beautifully narrates the verses.

He starts wondering himself, being himself, trying to be himself, to know the existence, to feel his presence, to know the essence of his consciousness and the connection with cosmic consciousness. I was just the viewer and audience of the great person unnoticed, undeclared, denied, and think of the void.

He was the void and void was him. He was inhaling and exhaling, breathes deeply like he is just going to be transcendental being. He was the part of the cosmic intelligence. He doesn’t have the passion to find himself but possess the intelligence to be. He is just the person not living with the desires of nature but with his own nature.

“Do you want to know me?

I am the pain hidden in the throne.

I am love hidden in the rose.

I am hemlock swallowed by fools.

I am elixirs, known by wise.

Don’t eager: dealing with judgment.


Feel my pain looped in my heart

Enjoy my love grumbles with eyes

Smell the essence, completely refine.

Come nearby and observe aimlessly,

You will find,

The darkness compiled with shadow

The light is hidden in the darkness

Ah! Don’t show the meaning of haste

Be calm,

Listen my heart roaring

Feel my breath storming.

Genuinely, my friend!

You won’t find the difference in me.

I am the part of same as you.

The human may differ.

But the reality remains same.”

He roared like the nascent lion learned to roar truly.

His narration of continuous poems with merciful voices reveals his beauty hiding beneath him.

“The miraculous voyages has left

The dream has superficially come true

The scenario of freedom and wisdom

Away from poison and illumining

Ignored, untold, and ecstatically experienced,

Heaven waited as the destiny,

Away from the deep blue sea,

Near to the transcendental horizon.

The glittering, glimpse of sky,

Seemingly paradise of the universe,

The smile of nascent flowers,

The song of the pure nightingale,

Heaven of heaven co-exists within.

Genuine verse of purity,

Nightingale narrates,

Bright colour butterfly entangles,

Beautify the auras.

The place within each being,

Glitters as the rays do,

The perforated pores, body, shine,

Just as sun and rays do”

He narrated the verse again with intense pleasure.

“Are you feeling the way I am feeling now. I am feeling like a madman. The pain is releasing like the cloud released after the rain. My heart is fleeting like the nascent bird just learned well to fly. Oh! The friend of mine I am not me now I am we and I am not the part I am the whole. I don’t feel as the separate from anything I am connected with all the sense of being and non-being. I am truly blessed now with all the essence of multiverse and multi-multiverse and so on. I can’t define it in word as the word is just the illusion I now think.

The words design the maze

The maze seems to be the jungle

With the fruits of pleasure, joy, and delight

Though, the depth is agony.

Believe nothing

Devoid, yourself, from the illusion of words

The cosmic delight keenly

Vibrates joyfully within you

Jubilation decorates you

Euphoria lies within you

Dives into the void, live within it

You are destined to merge in it.

Man is divine in the world of void

Singularity is void and void is real

Duality is just the grasp of words

You are the reality and you are the truth.

Your heart only feels the agony

Fragility even, don’t exist in you

You are the dance

Cosmos is the song

Devoid of the illusion of words”

He completed his words and stays calm as long as I watched him.

He was just the madman, the lunatic one at last I concluded.

Tendering soul of a madman

Hushing, flushing, and blushing

With the mist of myths

And the helms of the gist

Champak essence gleams

The sigh of soothing

But kills the futurity

In the pace of gush and blush

He feels the numbness

Hovering with the humblers

Shivered by wafter

So cavalier one maybe

Lying under the gully

Whole life suffer vanity

Close meaning of truth

He possessed,

Ignored by lunatic

Sorrow, terror, fear, and hate

He utterly forgets

The scenario glimpse

The pure jubilation of beauty

Smile, joy, love, and freedom

He utterly filled

The devoid gained

The bitterness of feigning

The Life As The Oneself.

The most fantastic moment in this world may be the moment of pleasure nourishing our heart. What is the real meaning of pleasure? Is pleasure a reality or some action of hormone created by our brain? Are we the prisoner of our own brain? The recurring question has just been locked in my life. The sure and certain thing: there is one day sometime, very uncertain time of the death going to haunt us.

I have an experience of losing things that I loved most. The pain I have felt so, intensively, the way my heart burnt, the eyes utterly got ready to let the tears flow but can’t let it drop from the boundary of eyes. We all humanly felt the same kind of grief when we lose some and felt jublication when we win. There is every similarity we impose deep inside our heart. But the way we are disconnected makes my heart to question myself to be wrong. Here I can’t deny the simple thing of the life living as the human in the earth, there is something very wrong going on here on this good earth to make it worse, what is the main question here now is what is the factor behind it? Is it us who make it worse or Earth is worse itself? Is our mind create this whole mess to be settled otherwise we are absolutely going end?

The undeniable impermanency of one’s existence provokes the life to be lived as the king, the personal king, the personal heroism. The child just born start to be got influenced by the action of the whole society to be an asshole, live the life of fucking so-called civilized one, so-called respected and loses the totality he could grasp within him. The probability of knowing himself as the part of cosmic consciousness or intelligence.The very minute action or our just the thought could bring the drastic swift change in the course or law of the universe. We are the part of the cosmic the huge, more than huge, chaotic, more than chaotic but beautiful surely more than the most beautiful, there must not be the time to hold grief in our heart but we have the fucking master of our body: the brain which perfectly builds the illusioned lust within us that allows flowing the grief in our life. The most people are exactly the server of the will and desires created by the brain which totally blocked the ecstasy of being alive and the wait for the death.

Most philosophers quest of finding beauty entirely ends into the verse of art. The expressing oneself through the art is the part of the transcendental switch to our life from agony to the pleasure. The beauty, the quest and the destiny of our consciousness to contribute the phrases to the cosmos to build the new storyline for new life to create his own empire within him and die within it.

The words design the maze
The maze seems to be jungle
With the fruits of pleasure, joy, and delight
Though, the depth is agony.

Believe nothing
Devoid, yourself, from the illusion of words
The cosmic delight keenly
Vibrates joyfully within you
Jubilation decorates you
Euphoria lies within you
Dives into void, live within it
You are destined to merge in it.

Man is divine in the world of void
Singularity is void and void is real
Duality is just the grasp of words
You are the reality and you are the truth.

Your heart only feels agony
Fragility even, don’t exist in you
You are the dance
Cosmos is the song
Devoid of the illusion of words.







IMG_20171005_080335.jpgThe mystery is very mysterious. The life is the mystery. The meaning, the truth, the reality, very astonishing questions of the life. The great people or the philosophers try to find the reality, the truth behind the life or the truth of being and nonbeing. Once Nietzsche quoted “There exists no reality just an interpretation.” Was he right or wrong? The greatest faulty question of the life. The judgment on the basis of duality really provokes the truth of nature. Do duality exist? Is singularity is just a concept or our grasping of illusion through our lustful mind? The most peculiar question of the reality.

The destiny brings us here or just the chance, the most mind fucking question of life. The unanswerable question asked by my heart just take my mind into the most lunatic sense of being. I sometimes feel I am not who really meant to be me. I am just the so-called human made by society under its influence. I haven’t grasped my real being. I don’t know the truth of being me.

The beauty captures my mind as the lust capture the human. But I sometimes asked myself “Is beauty the void? Is beauty lies in the singularity? What if the duality just switched to be the interpretation, not the truth as per the Nietzsche quotes?”

My life is sinking deep into the ocean of experiencing myself but I can’t tell for sure. I am not sure of anything. Even I can’t make sure I am alive. I even don’t know what life is? what is the meaning of being alive?

I am searching something but I don’t know what I am searching. Just I am searching hopelessly, tirelessly, senselessly. What I am searching is the reality of truth or the truth of reality?

Oh! The praying to nothing as I can’t believe in anything as I know nothing. I want to be something to everything and eventually just nothing as beautiful as nothing.




The Story Of Sold Beauty

“The Beauty Is At sell “

The Beautiful lady in the reddish moron kurtha standing near the edge of the Bus Station starring to each individuals with the eyes of emotional virtue of mercy and desire of love. The splendor face possessing the glitter of the infant star.

“O mister! Do you want to taste me.” she spoke without particularizing the person with the sexist voice even-though her eyes completely paradox with her created emotion being a sexy one.

My lord of the heart become curious about the way she behaving in this wonder world so bizarrely. Thus, my brain send a signal to my foot to approach near her. As per the command from program, I reach near to her.

O’ the beauty of her face

 so muzzling, puzzling, hushing,

glimpse like the heavenly aura

the lips like the soft flower petals

ohh! the miracle summary of beauty

in the eye lash of the cute smile.

My heart is thundering with the rapid speed as if the race is going to my victory. I collect the bravery and grumbled “You are so beautiful. May I know your name? My Lady”.

She turned toward me and gave so vigorous look as if the eyes is near to the shining blues. She approaches toward me and silently touch my part that i have never been expected any beauty could.I was feeling like a glorious ecstasy is so near to my life.

“I will only give you the one romantic moment at Rs 500 and and be your bed for Rs 1000. ”

“If you want to explore whole moonlight with my essence, I need Rs 3000 to be paid.”

I just get stunned and think for a while and without losing any second .

“Beauty is for sell. O my God! the philosophy of beauty and romance is just gone far away from the light.” My brain stimulated my prefrontal lobe to process this thought. Suddenly My bus arrived and I was approaching toward the bus.

She cried,”hey! man come let’s bargain.”

But I didn’t stop my foot and just controlled my heart to advice my eyes to look toward her.

Here, the beauty is at sell.

Come and buy her beauty for one night.

look the eyes of the lady

so mesmerizing in just a money……

There are many who sell their beauty but look at their eyes their eyes appeal for the little mercy for her beauty and the whole course of her smile fakes the aura of happiness tried to show that she is selling it because she wants it.